Commercial Work

We love doing our fine art and travel photography.  But the reality is that this style of work constitutes a very small portion of our normal daily work.  Our commercial services are just as exciting and engaging where we have the opportunity to work with individuals and businesses creating compelling imagery to help market either themselves or their businesses/products. 

Commercial services come in two major categories: (1) High resolution still images, and (2) high definition videos.  More often these days the final product is used in electronic form for web-based promotions which typically means websites, social media, email campaigns, and countless other creative fashions.  Still images can and often are used in print media to create brochures, branded business cards, postcard mailers, posters, banners, and yes, even billboards. 

The latest addition to our basket of services is aerial photography and videography using drones.  After years of considering the addition of this tool we finally decided to incorporate drone services.  This is no small decision particularly considering the stringent rules for drone pilots and the training needed pass the FAA sUAV Airman's exam (FAA Part 107).  We now feel comfortable offering these services and are eager to show clients what is possible when changing the perspective from the normal eyelevel view to an elevated vantage point - whether that is 10 feet or 400 feet.  The world looks different from up there and there are many prospective applications. 

Videos can be used in so many creative ways, and when done well, can be both engaging and compelling with near limitless applications.  Videos can include sound captured at the time of the filming, an audio/music soundtrack, or voiceover describing what the viewer sees on the screen.  In some cases, we might choose to have a combination of audio tracks: some nice music playing softly in the background while the main audio track is slightly louder occupying the foreground.  The key here is capturing crisp, clean audio which requires specialized equipment and simply can't be done with built-in microphones that standard cameras or smartphones use. 

Another important aspect of a successful video is length.  Too short and the message may be missed.  Too long and the viewer may loose interest and move on before the main message is reached.  Every situation needs to be evaluated on its own merits: 30 seconds may suffice for brief, impactful topics but those with a detailed message will require 2 or 3 minutes.  There are rare cases where longer works are appropriate - an instructional video may be a case in point.  This is all part of the analysis that must be done when preparing for a video recording session and no video, regardless of length, is simply shot and put up for viewing without some tasteful editing to strengthen the impact.

Look at Some Samples

We've assembled a few galleries designed to show you a small sampling of our work products.  We have thousands of examples so it is difficult to choose.  Over time we will swap out images to show newer work or showcase newly acquired skills.  In addition to the galleries below you can also see samples of both drone and traditional videos that we have put together for clients.  Click here to go to our YouTube Channel





What Can We Do

While far from an exhaustive list, the following bullet points detail the most common jobs we handle for our clients.  We are always ready to talk with a prospective client about a particular need and determine if we have the tools and skills to fulfill the requirements.  We can discuss ideas and make recommendations for tackling any task that is in our wheelhouse.  And, if we don't feel like we can handle the job, we will freely make recommendations for others who might be able to help. 


  • Architectural Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Business Headshots
  • Group Shots
  • Framed Artwork
  • Business Decor
  • Design Services
  • Drone photo/video
  • HD Video Services
  • Photoshop Services
  • Poster/Banner Printing



Call Us

Give us a call or send an email and we'll quickly respond.  We love working with our clients crafting end-to-end solutions to their marketing challenges.  Please note that we offer other services that are more closely aligned to our fine art photography and you should check that page, too.