RECENT WORK - Florida, January 2018 - Part 7 - THE LAST ONE!

We're still in Dunedin, but this is the last one.  We saw more osprey doing stuff on this trip than ever before: not just sitting, but fishing, nest building, and guarding. 1a-b are out at Honeymoon Island State Park on the last day.  They weren't as plentiful as the first day, but still a kick to watch going after and carrying off fish.  There were other birds on the shore as well.  The willet in 1c is not too concerned about our presence.  Probably pretty used to people on the beach.  Same for the oyster catchers (1e) digging around in the surf.

We saw some of the most wonderful shells on Honeymoon Island beach, and we picked up many of them. I picked up the one in 1d and realized it was occupied!  It took awhile to discover what it was, but it appears to be a fighting conch. Had we known what to look for, we would have waited for him to get all the way out so we could see his googley eyes! (check out the link to the conch)  Any that were home to something, we left behind, including the most unusual and beautiful shell we ever saw. It wasn't there when we walked back by so someone must've picked it up. Darn.

Right near our hotel were several pairs of osprey building nests in a nice little park.  1f, g and i are all from the same nest operation.  It was an established nest they were fluffing up.  Not sure if 1i is walking out on the branch to be a guard or just spread his wings, but it is cool.  Right across the driveway from the tree was a marina.  1h is a picture of a green heron sitting on the boat nearest the fence, almost as if he owned it!  Just napping in the sun.

We were so glad we left the Keys and ended up in Dunedin.  We will go back to this area and explore more when it warms up.


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Fishing osprey - 1

Fishing osprey - 2

Wading willet

Fighting conch coming out

Oyster catcher digging in the sand

Nesting osprey-1

Nesting osprey-2

Green guarding the boat

Nesting osprey-3