RECENT WORK -North Georgia Waterfalls

Anyone who has visited our website before knows that we love waterfalls.  Many of our earlier efforts to visit some of these falls produced dismal results due Georgia's drought conditions.  Thankfully, our recent abundance of rainfall has produced much better conditions, so now we're on the hunt for some updated photos.

One of our favorites is Anna Ruby Falls just outside of Helen.  We got there early in the morning to shoot before the bright sun became a factor, but were foiled by the fact that the gates don't open until 9 AM.  To a photographer this is like a coffee shop not opening until noon to a coffee drinker.  Anyway, we left and returned much later at a time where direct sunlight was becoming a problem but were able to capture a couple of decent images (Photos 1a and 1b).

Photo 1c is Becky Branch Falls, which is in the War Woman Dell area just east of Clayton.  Another favorite is Dick's Creek Falls which traditionally has nice water and plenty of interesting compositions.  Photo 1d is the classic look from on top of some rocks just downstream while Photos 1e and 1f are a slightly different perspective just upstream above the falls. 

A new one for us is Martin's Creek Falls (1g and 1h), which is also in the War Woman Dell area.  The trail is relatively easy but does include a creek crossing and a decision at a Y-intersection (at which we initially choose poorly).  There is a boardwalk and elevated viewing area, but the best shots come from getting a little lower from a relatively easy to reach raised section in the creek. 

Last is a look at Upper Helton Creek Falls (1i), which we reached around 9:30 AM.  The clouds were clearing and the sun was starting to produce hot spots on the water and in the trees, so we called it quits after finishing here.

We hope to continue to visit new North Georgia waterfalls as well as revisit some of our old favorites with [hopefully] better water flow than we have seen in the past.  Stay posted.


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Anna Ruby Falls - both sides

Anna Ruby Falls - right side is York Creek

Becky Branch Falls

Dicks Creek Falls

Over the Falls

Above the Falls

Martins Creek Falls-1

Martins Creek Falls-2

Upper Helton Creek Falls