RECENT WORK - New Orleans

Not our first visit to New Orleans for sure, but always a fun place to spend a couple of days.  This trip we stayed just west of Canal Street, keeping us within walking distance to the French Quarter and the waterfront area.  This location was also near the streetcar line, which is nice for extended trips like down to Tulane and Loyola University.

We hardly ever miss an opportunity to take a couple of shots of St. Louis Cathedral - a beautiful historical church in the Quarter.  We've photographed the church at all hours of the day and under all conditions; and while this shot is rather pedestrian, it is a nice look at the grounds, statue of Andrew Jackson, and the church in the background.  Another favorite is the Cafe du Monde across the street from the cathedral which serves cafe au lait and beignets 24 hours a day. 

Worth noting is the maiden voyage of a new ultra wide angle lens - a Sigma 12-24mm Art lens.  We had hoped to get into a couple of historic churches to do some interior photography, but timing and renovations worked against us in New Orleans (more on this later when we get to the Mobile portion of the trip).  The shots seen in 1b, 1c, and 1d were all shot with this new lens in the early evening hours.  I must say that I am very impressed with this lens and hope to get a lot of good use out of it.  It is nearly distortion free and sharp as a tack. 

Photo 1c shows one of the carriages waiting for a tourist who might want to take a trip around the Quarter along with the famous Jax Brewery in the background.  Of course, the building no longer operates as a brewery and instead has mostly retail and restaurants.  Photo 1d is a plaza adjacent to the Mall with a fountain, that, like Jax Brewery, is mainly restaurants, retail, and the loading area for the Natchez, an historic paddle wheeler visible in the background that does tours of the waterfront area.

Speaking of the Natchez, Photo 1e shows the back of the boat and the waterfront area of the Quarter.  More shots of the Quarter:  Photo 1f is a colorful building with accenting umbrellas on the deck and Photo 1g, a bright red streetcar on Canal Street. 

Not in perfect sequence is a staircase and beautiful set of stained glass windows (depicting the university's founders) in a building on Tulane's campus.

Last in this sequence is the Holocaust Memorial sculpture back on the waterfront in the Quarter.  This is a very interesting sculpture, in part because it is made out of glass plates, and more interesting is that the sculpture evolves into different forms as the angle changes.  When this image comes up, be certain to watch it for a few seconds so you can see how this sculpture evolves from the thumbnail you see to see the more constructed view.  You can see some of the other views and read about the Memorial at this link

Next we'll finish the New Orleans segment with a few more street scenes and a timed sequence of the light show on the Superdome at night.

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St. Louis Cathedral and grounds

Cafe du Monde

Carriage and Jax Brewery

Waterfront plaza

Paddle wheeler Natchez and French Quarter

French Quarter Color

Canal Streetcar Line

Tulane University Stained Glass

Holocaust Memorial