Waterfalls can be big or small, be hard to get to or be right off the road, can be a plunge, cascade, horsetail, block, or several other classifications.  They can have raging water flowing which can get you wet when trying to photograph them or they can be little more than a trickle (or even bone dry as we have seen).  We're waterfall hunters and we love to research, locate, and photograph them whenever and wherever we can. 

Below are 9 waterfall images from our growing collection that numbers over 500 now.  Many of these are located right here in our home area of North Georgia.  They may be some of our favorites since we consider them to be our own, and they can be easily reached at different times of the year when conditions are both different and often improved.  Two such images are 8c and 8d where you can see Amicalola Falls in both the Fall and Winter - very different looks to be sure.

Other than Dicks Creek Falls (8b) the remaining falls are located in various states we have visited.  Burgess Falls (a block fall) is located in Tennessee and has multiple falls as well as other attractions.  It is well worth a visit.  Metlako Falls is located in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area - one of our most favorite places to photograph waterfalls.  Probably no one needs to be told where Niagara Falls is located, but it is worth noting that this photo was taken from a elevated location on the Canadian side of the falls.  We had to claim our spot long before the skies turned dark; but we were treated to great water flow and the laser lightshow illuminating the falls, as well as a short (and unexpected) fireworks display. 

Taquamenon Falls is located in the Michigan's Upper Peninsula and seems to always have abundant water that has a brownish tint from the tannin (Tannic Acid) in the water.  Tumalo Falls is located just outside Bend, Oregon - another location that seems to consistently have great water levels.  And, last but not least, is one of the many waterfalls located in Watkins Glen State Park - a fascinating gorge with sculpted walls; but in this case, not particularly good water levels. 

With all of the waterfalls we have in our collection, we plan to share updates to this gallery on a more frequent basis.  Enjoy!

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Burgess Falls

Dicks Creek Falls

Amicalola Falls - Fall

Amicalola Falls - Winter Snow

Metlako Falls

Niagara Falls

Taquamenon Falls

Tumalo Falls

Watkins Glen Falls