Slideshow 1
Slideshow One - New Work
This slideshow contains photos from our most recent trip or work locally.
Slideshow 2
Slideshow Two - Appalachia
A collection of works from the area we generally consider Appalachia. 

Slideshow 3
Slideshow Three - Cities and Icons
We love photographing cityscapes and various iconic structures or landmarks from our travels. 
Slideshow 4
Slideshow Four - Critters
I love critters.  Probably all critters large and small - but some are more accessible, some are more photogenic, some are more interesting or unusual, and...  Well, you get the picture (some pun intended.

Slideshow 5
Slideshow Five - Nautical
In this gallery we'll have boats/ships, bridges (small and large), harbors, lighthouses, fishing nets, buoys, and all manner of things that have manmade features coexisting with water.

Slideshow 6
Slideshow Six - Sunrise, Sunset
In this gallery we'll share some of those times when we were lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time.

Slideshow 7
Slideshow Seven - Water
This gallery contains images where water is a principle theme.

Slideshow 8
Slideshow Eight - Other
This gallery contains everything else, sort of.

Slideshow 9
Slideshow Nine - Architecture
This gallery contains only a few of our various architectural shoots. We offer solutions for both residential and commercial - exterior and interior. And now, we offer drone/aerial photos and videos, too.

Slideshow 10
Slideshow Ten - Other Commercial
This gallery has a collection of other commercial work we do. This is everything from products to people. We don't do it all but we do cover a pretty wide spectrum.

Slideshow 11
Slideshow Eleven - Drone/Aerial
Our latest addition to our photographic repertoire - drone/aerial photography and videography. This is a great opportunity to show off your business or real estate property in a new light - or bird's eye perspective.